Well we were going to make Smash Bros Afterhours an animated video, but with Captaindrbob's busy schedule, we were forced to release the show as an audioplay. Check it out here:
We highly encourage others to create some animation over the dialog.

Smash Bros AfterHours (Comedy Series)

2012-12-04 18:23:46 by LordoftheJimmy

So this is the new show I'm working on with SMG vets Will Knavison, Brandon Boyd and animated by the great Captaindrbobnewgroun. Be sure to check it out, rate it, and comment.

Super Mario Guy RPG (Family Guy)

2011-06-02 19:02:43 by LordoftheJimmy

The cast of Family Guy meets Super Mario RPG as Peter Griffin does a "Let's Play" of the classic 1996 Nintendo Game. The characters of the game are performed by LordoftheJimmy's impressions of Family Guy.

Since I made this first video over a year ago to mixed reviews, the show has gained quite a following on YouTube. As we finish up our second season, we're beginning to feature more flash animation, some of which our animator, Captaindrbob, has uploaded here.

So check out Super Mario Guy, there's 13 episodes so far, and we're working on episode 14. If you like it, subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you don't like, leave an incredibly nasty review talking about how much my impressions suck and how you could do a much better Peter impression if you wanted to. If there is one thing I've learned, bad publicity is good publicity!